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How To Use Volume to Predict Stock Direction

Volume analysis has played an important role in my analysis for over 30 years. It can be traced back to my discovery in the late 1970s of the late Joe Granville’s book New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit. In this book he wrote “stocks do not rise in price unless demand exceeds…
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How to Use Starc Bands: One Of My Favorite Chart Tools of All Time

Editor’s Note: If you like Tom’s analysis you might want to attend one of Tom’s rare educational seminars. It is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at 12 p.m. ET. Tom will discuss the methods used in his widely read Forbes articles. If you are interested you can sign up here for Tom’s presentation. A common problem for…
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The Secret to Trading ETFs for Profit

The bull market since 2009 has been characterized by many different phases of sector rotation as some sector ETFs have done much better that the Spyder Trust (SPY) while others have done much worse. In 2010 the Energy Sector Select (XLE) was up 21.8% while the SPY gained over 15%. Both did much better than…
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How To Identify Sector ETFs Before They Make Big Moves

For most traders the best gains come from combining the weekly and daily relative performance analysis. This approach often allows one to be buying sector ETFs before they get the market's attention or are mentioned in the popular financial media. Here's a great example: In the fall of 2014, Barron's Big Money poll revealed that…
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