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The Week Ahead: Bullish Evidence Building

The stock market started the week under a cloud based on increased global tensions and holidays in the US and overseas. Heading into the last trading day before the Easter holiday stocks looked week technically but there were many signs based on my analysis that meant the risk was too high for new short positions.…
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Is Trump Creating A Buying Opportunity?

Stocks held firm to start off the week but spent the rest of the week declining as the S&P 500 lost over 26 points which was the worst weekly decline since March. The S&P 500 is now down almost 3% from the March 1st high but the small cap Russell 2000 is down 4.8%. President…
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Investors Should Embrace The Wall of Worry

It was a choppy week for the stock market as it failed to follow through on the upside after the prior week's strong gains. Last week the market did a good job of confusing both professional and individual investors. Stocks pulled back for the first two days of the week which was just a normal…
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Will New Sectors Lead Stocks Even Higher?

The stock market put in an impressive performance last week after suffering its worst week since last September. Stocks were set up for a sharp drop on Monday as the S&P futures closed Friday March 23rd at 2342.75 and traded as low as 2317.75 as the futures opened in Europe. The lows were tested again…
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Is The Stock Market Now On Thin Ice?

Tuesday's 1.2% decline in the S&P 500 and 10% rise in the VIX certainly got the market's attention as it was already nervous about the health care vote. The financial media debated the impact of both a No and a Yes vote but cancelling the vote was clearly not expected. Of course this has started…
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Hedge Fund Hairball

The stock market was surprised by the FOMC decision to only raise rates two more times this year as stocks soared in reaction to the announcement even though Wednesday's rate hike was widely expected. The higher weekly close this week does support the view that the correction is over. It seems that more are becoming…
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