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Avoid Market Noise With One Number Each Quarter

It was another choppy week for the stock market as after a powerful close on Monday, stocks quickly reversed the following day. For the rest of the week the S&P 500 was under pressure while the tech heavy Nasdaq 100 continued to move higher. The split market has been confusing investors since the brief tech…
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Avoiding Panic Sell Offs

It has just been a week since the panic selloff in the tech sector began on June 9th. The initial catalyst of the selling was tied to a research note from Goldman Sachs analyst Robert Boroujerdi that focused on “FAAMG — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet — a group of five stocks which have…
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Market Analysts Worry About June

There have been a number of analysts warning about how June can be a tough month for stocks. Friday’s sharp drop in the tech stocks with the Nasdaq 100 losing 2.44% ended up being a stampede as a note from Goldman Sachs helped to scare investors. In a CNBC article last week the well-respected Art…
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Unloved Sector Ready To Break Out?

As the market tries to digest the surprising UK election results and Thursday’s testimony by ex FBI chief James Comey there is one market sector that is starting to emerge as a new leader. As I have noted previously several Viper ETF favorites like the Utilities Sector Select (XLU), Industrials Sector Select (XLI), Vanguard Health…
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Candle Magic

Most investors and traders are aware of the unique information that can be learned by looking at candle charts. The most powerful signal in my opinion occurs after a market forms a doji. A doji forms when the open and closing price are almost the same. It indicates that the market is indecisive as the…
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Bubble Every Where, Titanic Market?

The monthly jobs report came in lower than expected on Friday but that did not stop the stock market from recording a powerful week of gains despite the increasing doubt of many investors. There were a number of sectors like health care that completed their trading ranges last week and the beaten down small cap…
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