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What’s After The Coronavirus Market Crash?

The 103 point (3.5%) drop in the Dow Industrials on Monday February 24th caught many investors by surprise. The additional decline of almost 900 points by the middle of the next market day had many investors panicking. Unfortunately there have been clear warning signs for the stock market over the past month or so but…
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A Survivor’s Guide To Market Corrections

  The severity of the October 2018 stock market decline has shaken the belief of some investors in the bull market. For those who have not been following the stock market for more than a few years, their reaction is understandable. But those with a longer-term perspective are wondering what the recent decline means for…
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Tom’s Intensive Advance/Decline Course

Get a Competitive Edge with Tom Aspray's One-on-One Training The Viper Report is excited to offer Tom Aspray's individualized training in Advance/Decline line methodology. If you are one of the five million people that have followed Tom's recommendations or have read his articles in you know that throughout this bull market, when Wall Street…
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The Week Ahead: Hope Not For 1998

The stock market held firm last week, even though some of the economic data was weaker than expected. The final reading for 2018's Q4 GDP came in, as expected at 2.2% on Thursday. While the Trump administration is looking for a 3% GDP in 2019, the growth is not currently that strong. For example, the Atlanta…
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Catch The Trend With Monthly Charts

The 7.9% gain in for the S&P 500 in January snagged the headlines last week, especially after the 10.2% decline in December.  It was the best January since 1987, when the S&P 500 was up 13.2%.  After the strong January in 1987, the S&P was higher for six of the next seven months, peaking in…
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