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Posts reviewing actual trades and profit / loss.

Tutor Your Trade

A Unique Offer For Investors & Traders Have you ever wondered as you are planning a new investment or reviewing your portfolio what advice an expert technical analyst would give you? How many times have you been on the verge of establishing a new position but then at the last moment decide not to –…
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The Week Ahead: Hope Not For 1998

The stock market held firm last week, even though some of the economic data was weaker than expected. The final reading for 2018's Q4 GDP came in, as expected at 2.2% on Thursday. While the Trump administration is looking for a 3% GDP in 2019, the growth is not currently that strong. For example, the Atlanta…
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The Week Ahead: Should Traders Ignore The Wall Of Worry?

The stock market shrugged off both political and economic concerns last week to close with solid gains for the fourth week in a row. The beaten-down financial sector led the market higher providing clear evidence that my earnings concerns over the sector last week were clearly misplaced. The bank earnings were mixed, but even those…
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A Survivor’s Guide To Market Corrections

The severity of the fall stock market decline has shaken the belief of some investors in the bull market.  For those who have not been following the stock market for more than a few years, their reaction is understandable. But those with a longer-term perspective are wondering what the recent decline means for their portfolio. Many…
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Early October Warning Signs

Stocks closed strong in September but the market started to show signs of weakness on the first trading day of October. Market Update October 2, 2018: The major averages opened sharply higher on Monday October 1st as the A/D ratio on the NYSE was better than 2-1 positive.  However, as the day progressed the major…
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