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Is It Time To Rotate Into Small Cap Stocks?

In 2017, the small-cap iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) was up 14.60%, following a 21.60% gain in 2016. By comparison, the Spyder Trust (SPY) was up 21.6% in 2017, as the large caps outperformed the small caps by 7 percentage points for the year. However, in 2016, SPY was only up 12% for the year,…
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Chart Warnings For Two Tech Giants

The earnings season took over the market this week as there have been a number of big winners and losers. General Electric (GE) was looking very weak technically two weeks ago and it was down another 2.5% in early Friday trading. Shoe maker Sketchers U.S.A. (SKX) on the other had exceeded expectations on earnings and was up…
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Should Traders Take Some Bank Profits Now?

The market’s strength since the September lows has caused some Wall Street analysts to raise their targets as investors seem to be encouraged over a possible tax plan and another good earnings season. Several firms like Morgan Stanley (MS) and JP Morgan Chase think the earnings forecasts are too low. FacTSet is looking for earnings growth of…
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How Much Higher Can The Small Caps Go?

It was another good week for stocks as the broad outline of a tax reform plan encouraged many on Wall Street that stocks could move even higher. This enthusiasm has spread to the high profile media traders as some were very excited about their new found bullishness. Individual Investors may have voted before the tax…
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The Week Ahead: Does An S&P Target Of 2700 Make You Nervous?

The stock market rewarded both the bulls and the bears last week but in different ways as while the tech holders endured more pain those in financial stocks were rewarded. The action confounded many in the financial TV media as from one day to the next they did not know whether to run bullish or…
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Candle Magic

Most investors and traders are aware of the unique information that can be learned by looking at candle charts. The most powerful signal in my opinion occurs after a market forms a doji. A doji forms when the open and closing price are almost the same. It indicates that the market is indecisive as the…
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