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Look Over the Shoulder of a Full-time Trader

Brian Rehler is an accomplished trader who trades several markets. In this interview, I talk with Brian about the time frames he monitors before entering a trade, the indicators and settings he uses to find good opportunities and how market internals helps him get a solid read on market direction. You'll learn how a real…
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How To Trade When You Are Afraid of Losing Money

The setup looks great. Most of your indicators are signalling it is time to enter. Perhaps one or two don't look perfect, but enough things are the chart do that you know it's time to trade. But you just can't seem to pull the trigger. That's what today's special episode is all about. In this…
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The Mental Side of Trading Well

When I first watched this video, I was already thinking about how much of it reminded me about mental preparation in trading. Then my jaw dropped when the psychologist actually said the words, “getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” which is Habit #7 in the 20 Habits of Wealthy Traders, a webinar I'll be doing soon (stay…
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