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Can You Bank On A Stock Market Bottom?

December 30, 2018: Prior to last week’s action many of the technical and sentiment measures that I follow had reached extreme levels not seen in the past ten years. One such measure uses the NYSE Advance-Decline data. The chart from last week (Will There Be A Not Going Out Of Business Rally) showed that the…
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Strategies of Wealthy Traders (Videos, PDFs and more)

In the course of interviewing (and examining the trading records of) hundreds of wealthy traders over the past year, I discovered the best ones do similar things to find, enter, manage and exit trades for profit - things average or losing traders simply don't do. Here are other useful PDFs: - The Most Profitable Candlestick…
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How To Stop Taking “Boredom Trades”

by Gary Dayton Traders sit in front of the screen all day watching the markets, and if they don’t see a trade, they may force one just out of boredom. Traders sometimes feel they must be in the market, and it can force them to take trades they shouldn’t be taking. These are boredom trades…
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The 20 Methods of Highly Successful Traders

Wealthy traders are obviously doing something differently. Now, the research proves it. The best traders are using methods that ensure their success. Funny thing is, what they do isn't hard to understand or some "secret code". Anyone can do the same things if they follow the steps. In the course of interviewing (and examining the…
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What I Tell Traders Who Are Always Losing Money

I remember it like it was yesterday. Why? Because it was yesterday. The frustrated trader was about at his wit's end. He had been trading for less than a year and was the typical story - make some, lose some, make a lot, lose a lot, then lose a lot again. He emailed me to…
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5 Ways a Master Chart Reader Finds Money-Making Trades

Tom Aspray is one of the best chart readers in the business. His methods of using technical analysis to find clues about a stock's next move are legendary, and rightfully so. (Download his free e-book here) While not a well-known, flashy type you might see on CNBC, he has quietly amassed a following of traders…
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