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Posts reviewing actual trades and profit / loss.

The Week Ahead: Are German Investors Right About Stocks Again?

The stock market's bullish reaction to the FOMC rate hike did not last long as after last Wednesday's strong close the sellers again took over. A week ago I was not convinced that the market would able to recoup the prior week's losses and was looking for rally failure but not a market plunge. As…
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The Week Ahead: Time To Get a Jump On The January Effect?

The stock market was generally higher last week led by the 2.3% gain in iShares Russell 2000 (IWM). This was impressive compared to the 0.4% gain in the S&P 500 or the 0.14% loss in the Dow Industrials. The Dow Transports fell 1.0% while the Dow Utilities lost 1.4% for the week. Nevertheless the advancing…
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How To Stop Taking “Boredom Trades”

by Gary Dayton Traders sit in front of the screen all day watching the markets, and if they don’t see a trade, they may force one just out of boredom. Traders sometimes feel they must be in the market, and it can force them to take trades they shouldn’t be taking. These are boredom trades…
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The Week Ahead: Should You Expect A Replay of October 2011?

There were signs after the close on Friday October 2nd that the market's upside reversal was important. The strong action last week confirmed that the stock market had completed a short term bottom. Fortunately many on Wall Street do not seem convinced as many were looking for the rally to fail before the end of…
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